Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to.....Danielle!

It's your birthday! And today I am so thankful for your friendship...and especially these things!

You bring out my inner night owl and are always up for a spontaneous adventure. Guacamole live, grocery shopping at 10 pm, or all night sleepovers.
You are my kind of mama! You never do the easiest thing- but instead choose to do what your heart tells you is best. You think it through and advocate for your children. You are relentless for them...
You read my blog everyday and comment just because you know I like it!
You let me dwell, analyze, and obsess. And upon my insistence you dwell, analyze, and obsess with me.
You make me feel beautiful and young...mostly because you just say it a lot.
You pray for me and worship with me.
You say things that are hard when you know I need to hear it.
You let my kids spend the night- and trust me with yours.
You get picnics.
You know sometimes I just need to be extravagant...and you let me...and you love it.
You love zumba (now) too!
I can be shallow and silly with you...without you thinking I am shallow and silly.
You help me use up my words...everyday.
You know who I am on my worst day, my most messiest and you still love me.


Mommy of 2 and 2 said...

What an awesome tribute! I am God blessed you with one another :) Happy Birthday Danielle!

Danielle said...

This is the ONE day I didn't read your blog!! I'm glad though because I feel like it just extended my celebration.

This was the best birthday gift ever. I love you!