Sunday, July 25, 2010

Distracted by my new project

The last few weeks have been so busy, so wonderful, so summer. We are loving the freedom that summer brings.So I haven't blogged anyway.

I have started a little project that is just about being fun...just about me.

I hope you'll stop by. I'll hope you'll leave a comment...maybe even subscribe?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's Summer Baby

Yes it is! Which essentially means that we hibernate mid-day and that I have a hard time keeping track of what day it is. We also stay up way too late, sleep in, smell like sunscreen and nap. And we wear sandals everyday... that might be significant if I didn't wear them everyday...even in January.

My blogging hiatus is to be blamed on my lack of schedule and new job...not on the lack of adventures.

Big moments have been Kaya turning three.

 Kaya's big birthday wishes were for princess plates and Mr. Steve to sing her favorite song. Hoping she always be this easy to please...

But everyday has been an adventure. Yep, I started a new job. Date night with a great new dress. A few trips to the pool. A couple days away with Danielle in Houston. Family movie night under the stars. And tomorrow-Alaina turns nine!

Next week I will spend my days and nights at the hottest place on earth. Preteen Camp...With my daughter, who in less then 12 hours will be a preteen. As I type that I am overwhelmed with how that is 16 ways weird and wonderful at the same time. Right now I am hyping myself up with promises of coming home thinner and with a tan. Hottest place on earth.

But I know, that I know it's week I won't ever forget. Heat that you can see bouncing off the ground, miles of walking, camp spaghetti, and vinyl mattresses will be things I won't remember.

A week that is completly focused on my daughter experiencing Jesus more and more-that I won't forget. And being the kind of mom that doesn't miss a moment of it- that is the kind I want to be.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Procrastination...and stuff

Procrastination is something I have developed into an art form.  I thought I would take a break from my end of the year CHECKLIST and hop on here. Nothing really to say... just want to do something other then what I am supposed to be doing....pretty much another life motto.

School is over...the rubble remains. Right now there is a tower of stuff in the middle of room waiting to find a new home- much of which I will probably spend most of the summer yelling asking calmly for someone to get off the floor. 

I have a plan a and a plan b to get it all home. Plan c involves two a's- abandonment and arson. Wondering if I should just skip right to that...

This room is lonely. The walls are bare. Desks are empty. Silence echoes. I miss the ten little people who usually fill it. Apparently my brain works best when it is too loud to think.

Wishing there was something creative on the CHECKLIST. Short of alternating ink colors- there is nothing. And I am not sure my principal would appreciate rainbow colored paperwork. Sigh.....

Friday, May 14, 2010

I have held out as long as I can...

I have spent the whole year complaining. Maybe longer. Probably Longer...

Every Wednesday I have to wear a skirt to work. It's chapel day. To say the church I work for is more traditional then the one my husband works for and we worship at, would be way beyond stating the obvious. These churches don't even exist in the same conversation.

I have spent so much time complaining about having to follow this unjust silly rule to my closest friends, that it has a reputation all of it's own. If it is cold or windy on a Wednesday- I get a text.  It has a name, a song, and several months ago I walked into a friends house after work wearing a dress and the very first thing they said to me was " Why are you wearing that?!? It isn't SHD -day?"

So it's time to set the record straight. I like dresses! I like skirts! I don't like being told that I need one to look like a girl. God created me- He knows I am girl. Even in jeans and a t-shirt, I am undeniably a girl! And if it is about modesty, what primary school teacher who sits on the floor and in chairs intended for six years old all day looks modest in a skirt? Maybe Michelle Dugar but not me...

All this to say that I have worn very few dresses the last two years in protest. But then I fell in love with this skirt. And it is hot...the weather not the skirt!  I have long legs and it is hard to find shorts that don't make me look like a street walker. (The term my grandmother coined in reference to most of the shorts of my youth.)  It's either that or shorts my grandmother would wear herself...and I am just going there yet either. 

And everywhere I look there are these adorable dresses...
My boycott is officially over. It might just be the summer of the skirt!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My other kids...

I don't talk a lot about my class here much. Mostly because I spend all day with them and well... I sometimes like to pretend that my day job is more glamorous then my around-the-clock, till-the day-I- die job- mothering. But it's not- I just get paid to mother here. So yes I spend my day telling kids to pick stuff of the floor, stop running, use their inside voice, get a kleenex and I am an expert at applying band aids. I do the full routine of academics but the mothering doesn't stop for math. I also have earned an honorary degree in mediation. There is not much that can compete with a seven year old girl who has been wronged by her ex-best friend and is completely sure that the world has stopped spinning.

But the days are numbered. We have eight school days left. Four of those are so packed full of end of the year excitement that they won't be recognizable as school. I am looking forward to summer, looking forward to celebrating a great year together. But it is a little bittersweet...

Because they are mine. I spend all day with them. I have seen them grow and transform. I have wiped tears, comforted, prayed with them, laughed till I cried at them and just loved them. I have spent the year looking for ways to surprise them, engage their curiosity, and always....always made sure that they know that a God who loves them-created them to be just who they are.

There is not a day that I don't hear "I love you Mrs. Evans". And to which they know I will respond. " I love you".

In my classroom, right now there are octopuses with colorful legs and fish covered in tissue paper swimming from the ceiling. The walls are covered with huge ocean creatures they have created and murals of corral reefs. Each is its own piece of art completely different then the others, just as the child who created it. And I really should start taking some of this down- it's time. But I want their last moments in this room, in this class to be ones filled with evidence of how creative they are and that they have been cherished & delighted in.

Friday, April 30, 2010

The most annoying thing to be annoyed about...

For some reason I find this really annoying. Apparently I have some pride issues to work out...

I just commented on a friend's blog only to have that verification box pop up and I can't help but be annoyed by it.

I find myself talking back- Do you know who I am? 

Do you not notice how often my name appears on this blog? 

I have to fill this out again? 


And then there is facebook. 

Why do I have to send a friend request to someone I communicate with more days then not?

As much as facebook invades our privacy and sells us out why has it not figured out who I really am friends with? 

You mean they haven't really tapped into my phone and email records? 

Have to finish this before the weekend...

Quick recap: exciting weekend planned, plans canceled, pity party with guests, dinner out with J & S, lap full of ice water at OTB, and then...

So I run home to change and meet my friend Belinda for a movie. A couple weekends ago Lauren and I spontaneously decided to see a movie. It was one of those what-is-starting-soon-and-seems-sort-of-interesting? scenarios. I am too embarrassed to admit the movie we saw- or walked out of actually. Let me stop here and say that we got phone advice from a person who has since taken the misinformed plea and begged for forgiveness for causing permanent damage to my delicate sensibilities. I have forgiven and am just going to blame it on the fact that we had just eaten dinner at Olive Garden and were all a bit intoxicated on carbs.

Nonetheless, I was a little nervous to see another late night movie I was unfamiliar with but Belinda promised to bring my her baby and figured I could endure anything to cuddle Emma for a couple of hours. We saw The Back Up Plan . It was really cute and funny. Really.

As an aside, as if my whole blog is not just that, having had a homebirth and all that comes with it, I found it outright hillarious!

I got in bed way too late and then refused to get out of bed until I had just enough time to pull my hair back in a pony tail and throw on my favorite jeans. After all, we were headed to a conference entitled So Long Insecurity. Apparently everyone there was sure they would feel their most secure if they were in adorable outfits with freshly done hair and makeup. They were right. After the third person told me how beautiful I looked I figured out they were confusing my laziness for security and just being polite. I might have started to feel a bit insecure. I got to have lunch with Danielle and her mom at a restaurant that holds lots of childhood memories- Snoopy's. The simulcast itself was great...and I have a lot bouncing around in my head and in my heart.

And then opportunity #2 for a pedicure rolled around. I weighed out using my babysitting for a trip to the grocery store without four children or for a pedicure. As relaxing as a pedicure would have been, taking all four kids to the grocery store at 5pm on a Saturday just would have undone all that...even with beautiful feet. I'll skip the monotony of the grocery store but you should know that by 5 pm I had shopped, cleaned the kitchen, and had dinner as ready as could all before church. In that time I also managed a shower and blow dry my hair into something more grown up then a pony tail.

Church was great- for me anyway. J ended up having to work late so he called S to pick him up in exchange for dinner.  I rushed home to play susie-homemaker. The guys got home a bit later, finished the ribs on the grill and we sat down to a late dinner.

Usually we try and protect our guests from the gusto of life with four kids but we had planned a family dinner and a family dinner was to be had. One of the things I love most about having four kids is that they are a party in and of themselves! I realize that not everyone loves this. Our friend Steve actually does or he is a really good faker. Throw in everyone around a table, finger lickin' food, and a rousing game of food ABCs and it was nothing less then loud. Fun but not for the faint at heart!

Sunday morning the kids and I stayed home to catch up on rest and hang out. We picked up daddy from RLF- Whataburger in hand and ate lunch on the way to the movies. At one point we hear Kaya singing "It's raining, It's pouring"  LOUDLY and look over and she is acting it out with her five bucks f popcorn. Have I ever mentioned how my kids all march to beat of their own drum?

We had just enough time to spread out in our bed and hang out for awhile before it was time for Lifegroup. Lifegroup has turned out to be a sweet spot in our week. We officially met our commitment to meet for a season and I couldn't have been more surprised that everyone wanted to keep meeting. Everyone is a great cook, they always enthusiastically jump in, and I think they are authentically enjoying the connection. People are pushing deeper into their walk with God, challenging each other, and knitting together. Wow! It's amazing to see it actually work...and a blessing to be a part of making it happen!

That was our fabulous weekend...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Surprise, Surprise.....I have a lot to say!

You should know that my house is a wreck- at least twenty minutes of frantic picking up before really close friends would even be allowed in the door.
You should know that while our small group members are fabulous cooks, I brought takeout last night. 

You should know that last night we did just enough laundry that everyone has clean clothes for today.

You should know that my kids had breakfast tacos from Wienerschnitzel for breakfast.

But we had an incredible weekend...full of what matters more- our people.

I had really big plans for this weekend. Our church was hosting a Beth Moore Simulcast and being a devout subscriber to my life motto- keep it complicated- that is exactly what I planned to do. If we had gone away to a conference it would have involved a hotel, dinner out, and maybe some time at the spa. It goes without saying that it would have included staying up way too late talking about everything and possibly a romcom we have seen too many times.

So why should we discriminate simply because this event was taking place in our city? Exactly.

But there was a hiccup. It involved Lauren and her incessant need to be responsible...and she felt terrible and I felt terrible that she felt terrible. And I know we will make it up...

But it also goes without saying that I did spend a good part of Friday forlorn and bereft. That resulted in a passionate discussion with my prince charming where I wondered (maybe out loud) if he was the least sensitive man in the world and he checked his mental calender to see if my emotional-ness (is that a word?) was part of larger female phenomenon (also out loud). For the record...he isn't and it wasn't.

I am getting to the amazing weekend part...I promise.

And while the weekend wasn't exactly what I planned it was lovely none the less. After whining via text to a friend that my hard week just kept getting BETTER and fighting back tears on the phone to two girlfriends, I managed to pull it together. (This is where I realize I should probably stop blaming Jason for Jayden's dramatic tendencies)

Friday night we ended up at Johnny Carrino's for dinner with Steve. It is really difficult to sustain a bad mood with yummy pasta, hot bread, and the antics of 6 4 kids. After dinner, crayons catapulted and table hockey with the heel of bread occupied us while we waited for dessert. And no I am not referring to the kids...

After dinner Jason took the kids home where they all piled in our bed for a movie and I met up with Danielle and her mom who was in town for the Beth Moore event for a pedicure. Unfortunately it was getting late and they couldn't get us all in so we decided to introduce her mom to our late night ritual- Guacamole Live!

We had a little adventure that involved three glasses of ice water and my lap. You should know that when a waitress is coming unusually fast toward you with a tray and she stops abruptly- the drinks will continue on their path. Without being able to remember the scientific term for the experience, it was really cold. And that is what came out of my mouth...

With as much dignity and grace as a person who has had half a gallon of water dumped in their lap, I waded through the ice cubes puddled around my seat and I moved to the other chair. Danielle was so surprised that I just sat there but honestly my thought was if I move quickly my non-sensible shoes and the ice are going to combine for a much greater me lying in the puddle. I have done enough Zumba to know that I am still not coordinated enough for some things. Apparently this happens a lot because the waiter (not the one with the drinks) assured me I should just be glad it was just water because others are often not so lucky... and their is a policy in place for how they handle this sort of thing!

The weekend had only begun but I better post this before it is so long it takes you an entire weekend to read.....

Monday, April 19, 2010


I have been living with some regret...okay deep regret.

When we were in Fredricksburg we wandered into a store called Bath Junky. It was the kind of store that made my husband quickly kiss me goodbye and wander to a less scented location. Lauren and I were treated to hand scrub that changed my life and filled us with aspirations of becoming  hand models.

As special as the hand scrub was, there was this product that had my name written all over sparkles none the less.

But then I got distracted because Steve was creating scented concoctions out of the nearly hundreds of essential oils. And we smelled everything under the sun, including dirt. Before we knew it we could no longer tell the difference between gardenia and rosemary and Jason was pacing outside the window... so we did the silliest thing ever. We left...without ANYTHING.

And I spent all day convinced that we would get back and I would not have to live without the product. But we shopped and shopped and somehow never made it back to Bath Junky. Until the next day...

When they were closed.

As so every encounter with a lotion since has left me with a sense of loss and longing. You know that sensation of "this is nice but only....". It was the one that got away.

Until Saturday night. When Lauren brought this lovely bottle of happiness to me...

Meet Sparkly Lotion.

I wasted no time and applied it right in the second row of the worship center, thankful I was wearing a sleeveless shirt and that my entire arms could now sparkle.

And it is even better then I have imagined...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Daughter...

I am so proud of Alaina. She is almost 9 and we are seeing more and more of her gifts and talents. She is an amazing reader and makes my heart swell when she devours a new book. She loves music... and likes it loud. She is kind and compassionate. She is an amazing help with her siblings.

This thing that I am particularly enamored with at the moment is her interest in photography. She has a really great eye and a curiosity that makes her a great student.

The only problem with this experience is that I am the only subject in our house that will hold still long enough for her to shoot., correct, and shoot again. So that means after years of few pictures of me...we now have hundreds. And I am giving directions in many of them...

And while I am not a huge fan of being on this side of the lens- I am so proud of her work.

(And I promise that skirt is not nearly as short in person!)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to.....Danielle!

It's your birthday! And today I am so thankful for your friendship...and especially these things!

You bring out my inner night owl and are always up for a spontaneous adventure. Guacamole live, grocery shopping at 10 pm, or all night sleepovers.
You are my kind of mama! You never do the easiest thing- but instead choose to do what your heart tells you is best. You think it through and advocate for your children. You are relentless for them...
You read my blog everyday and comment just because you know I like it!
You let me dwell, analyze, and obsess. And upon my insistence you dwell, analyze, and obsess with me.
You make me feel beautiful and young...mostly because you just say it a lot.
You pray for me and worship with me.
You say things that are hard when you know I need to hear it.
You let my kids spend the night- and trust me with yours.
You get picnics.
You know sometimes I just need to be extravagant...and you let me...and you love it.
You love zumba (now) too!
I can be shallow and silly with you...without you thinking I am shallow and silly.
You help me use up my words...everyday.
You know who I am on my worst day, my most messiest and you still love me.