Thursday, May 27, 2010

Procrastination...and stuff

Procrastination is something I have developed into an art form.  I thought I would take a break from my end of the year CHECKLIST and hop on here. Nothing really to say... just want to do something other then what I am supposed to be doing....pretty much another life motto.

School is over...the rubble remains. Right now there is a tower of stuff in the middle of room waiting to find a new home- much of which I will probably spend most of the summer yelling asking calmly for someone to get off the floor. 

I have a plan a and a plan b to get it all home. Plan c involves two a's- abandonment and arson. Wondering if I should just skip right to that...

This room is lonely. The walls are bare. Desks are empty. Silence echoes. I miss the ten little people who usually fill it. Apparently my brain works best when it is too loud to think.

Wishing there was something creative on the CHECKLIST. Short of alternating ink colors- there is nothing. And I am not sure my principal would appreciate rainbow colored paperwork. Sigh.....