Friday, April 30, 2010

Have to finish this before the weekend...

Quick recap: exciting weekend planned, plans canceled, pity party with guests, dinner out with J & S, lap full of ice water at OTB, and then...

So I run home to change and meet my friend Belinda for a movie. A couple weekends ago Lauren and I spontaneously decided to see a movie. It was one of those what-is-starting-soon-and-seems-sort-of-interesting? scenarios. I am too embarrassed to admit the movie we saw- or walked out of actually. Let me stop here and say that we got phone advice from a person who has since taken the misinformed plea and begged for forgiveness for causing permanent damage to my delicate sensibilities. I have forgiven and am just going to blame it on the fact that we had just eaten dinner at Olive Garden and were all a bit intoxicated on carbs.

Nonetheless, I was a little nervous to see another late night movie I was unfamiliar with but Belinda promised to bring my her baby and figured I could endure anything to cuddle Emma for a couple of hours. We saw The Back Up Plan . It was really cute and funny. Really.

As an aside, as if my whole blog is not just that, having had a homebirth and all that comes with it, I found it outright hillarious!

I got in bed way too late and then refused to get out of bed until I had just enough time to pull my hair back in a pony tail and throw on my favorite jeans. After all, we were headed to a conference entitled So Long Insecurity. Apparently everyone there was sure they would feel their most secure if they were in adorable outfits with freshly done hair and makeup. They were right. After the third person told me how beautiful I looked I figured out they were confusing my laziness for security and just being polite. I might have started to feel a bit insecure. I got to have lunch with Danielle and her mom at a restaurant that holds lots of childhood memories- Snoopy's. The simulcast itself was great...and I have a lot bouncing around in my head and in my heart.

And then opportunity #2 for a pedicure rolled around. I weighed out using my babysitting for a trip to the grocery store without four children or for a pedicure. As relaxing as a pedicure would have been, taking all four kids to the grocery store at 5pm on a Saturday just would have undone all that...even with beautiful feet. I'll skip the monotony of the grocery store but you should know that by 5 pm I had shopped, cleaned the kitchen, and had dinner as ready as could all before church. In that time I also managed a shower and blow dry my hair into something more grown up then a pony tail.

Church was great- for me anyway. J ended up having to work late so he called S to pick him up in exchange for dinner.  I rushed home to play susie-homemaker. The guys got home a bit later, finished the ribs on the grill and we sat down to a late dinner.

Usually we try and protect our guests from the gusto of life with four kids but we had planned a family dinner and a family dinner was to be had. One of the things I love most about having four kids is that they are a party in and of themselves! I realize that not everyone loves this. Our friend Steve actually does or he is a really good faker. Throw in everyone around a table, finger lickin' food, and a rousing game of food ABCs and it was nothing less then loud. Fun but not for the faint at heart!

Sunday morning the kids and I stayed home to catch up on rest and hang out. We picked up daddy from RLF- Whataburger in hand and ate lunch on the way to the movies. At one point we hear Kaya singing "It's raining, It's pouring"  LOUDLY and look over and she is acting it out with her five bucks f popcorn. Have I ever mentioned how my kids all march to beat of their own drum?

We had just enough time to spread out in our bed and hang out for awhile before it was time for Lifegroup. Lifegroup has turned out to be a sweet spot in our week. We officially met our commitment to meet for a season and I couldn't have been more surprised that everyone wanted to keep meeting. Everyone is a great cook, they always enthusiastically jump in, and I think they are authentically enjoying the connection. People are pushing deeper into their walk with God, challenging each other, and knitting together. Wow! It's amazing to see it actually work...and a blessing to be a part of making it happen!

That was our fabulous weekend...