Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Surprise, Surprise.....I have a lot to say!

You should know that my house is a wreck- at least twenty minutes of frantic picking up before really close friends would even be allowed in the door.
You should know that while our small group members are fabulous cooks, I brought takeout last night. 

You should know that last night we did just enough laundry that everyone has clean clothes for today.

You should know that my kids had breakfast tacos from Wienerschnitzel for breakfast.

But we had an incredible weekend...full of what matters more- our people.

I had really big plans for this weekend. Our church was hosting a Beth Moore Simulcast and being a devout subscriber to my life motto- keep it complicated- that is exactly what I planned to do. If we had gone away to a conference it would have involved a hotel, dinner out, and maybe some time at the spa. It goes without saying that it would have included staying up way too late talking about everything and possibly a romcom we have seen too many times.

So why should we discriminate simply because this event was taking place in our city? Exactly.

But there was a hiccup. It involved Lauren and her incessant need to be responsible...and she felt terrible and I felt terrible that she felt terrible. And I know we will make it up...

But it also goes without saying that I did spend a good part of Friday forlorn and bereft. That resulted in a passionate discussion with my prince charming where I wondered (maybe out loud) if he was the least sensitive man in the world and he checked his mental calender to see if my emotional-ness (is that a word?) was part of larger female phenomenon (also out loud). For the record...he isn't and it wasn't.

I am getting to the amazing weekend part...I promise.

And while the weekend wasn't exactly what I planned it was lovely none the less. After whining via text to a friend that my hard week just kept getting BETTER and fighting back tears on the phone to two girlfriends, I managed to pull it together. (This is where I realize I should probably stop blaming Jason for Jayden's dramatic tendencies)

Friday night we ended up at Johnny Carrino's for dinner with Steve. It is really difficult to sustain a bad mood with yummy pasta, hot bread, and the antics of 6 4 kids. After dinner, crayons catapulted and table hockey with the heel of bread occupied us while we waited for dessert. And no I am not referring to the kids...

After dinner Jason took the kids home where they all piled in our bed for a movie and I met up with Danielle and her mom who was in town for the Beth Moore event for a pedicure. Unfortunately it was getting late and they couldn't get us all in so we decided to introduce her mom to our late night ritual- Guacamole Live!

We had a little adventure that involved three glasses of ice water and my lap. You should know that when a waitress is coming unusually fast toward you with a tray and she stops abruptly- the drinks will continue on their path. Without being able to remember the scientific term for the experience, it was really cold. And that is what came out of my mouth...

With as much dignity and grace as a person who has had half a gallon of water dumped in their lap, I waded through the ice cubes puddled around my seat and I moved to the other chair. Danielle was so surprised that I just sat there but honestly my thought was if I move quickly my non-sensible shoes and the ice are going to combine for a much greater embarrassment...like me lying in the puddle. I have done enough Zumba to know that I am still not coordinated enough for some things. Apparently this happens a lot because the waiter (not the one with the drinks) assured me I should just be glad it was just water because others are often not so lucky... and their is a policy in place for how they handle this sort of thing!

The weekend had only begun but I better post this before it is so long it takes you an entire weekend to read.....